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Essential Marketing & Income Building Tools and Strategies

Before starting out with this eBook, we need to know what the terms surrounding rich marketer and poor marketer. This will help put everything in perspective. In today’s terms, a rich marketer is someone who has access to different resources and utilizes them. A rich marketer is someone who knows what it means to run a successful business and is able to cater to the market in the wisest manner. The rich marketer understands the importance of money and at the same time does not flinch from making an investment, either in improving the quality of the product or...

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About The Viral Buzz

In 96, 4 Israeli men, 2 of whom didn’t even finish senior high, dreamed up a communication system called ICQ (I Seek YOU). After their ground forces service, the 4 men took jobs at a local PC store. At night, they worked at their dream project….a program for blink of an eye easy net communication. They named their company Mirabilis. Net service was really expensive in Israel, so the men moved to California and later to Greater New York. It took less than eighteen months for more than ten million PC users to download and install ICQ. ICQ was...

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The Tweet Success Guide

Twitter Basics Tools like twitter can effective create the attention that is necessary in getting the information about the business to the wider audience. This is done with virtually no cost involved. The planned site must is attractive enough to be the cause of the twitter exercise thus ensuring the desired amount of traffic to the site. Providing material that is worth discussion or viewing with the intention of dispersing information is very important as this is what will cause the interest to stay. The Basics As the twitter platform is comparatively personal. Ensuring the exchanges have some form...

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Think Big and Grow Rich

 Think Big and Grow Rich in the Digital Age Your Guide to Internet Product Growth and Success Obtaining Information There is a radical change in which we are obtaining information today. The number of options of obtaining information has increased, but what is most interesting is that the number of ways in which we can harness this information has also increased by leaps and bounds. Today there is so much we can do with the information we get and we can get it from so many places that our options have become almost endless. But, to start with, we...

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Product Funnel Optimization

Product Funnel Optimization Nothing warms the cockles of a salesperson more than getting a new client. Often you are able to secure that new client because you have a quality core good or service that is provided at a competitive price. While you may not make a great deal off that initial offering, there will no doubt be the chance to build on your initial rapport with your new client and engage in the task many sales people know as “up-selling.” That is where the concept of the Profit Tunnel comes into play. The Profit Tunnel is your pathway...

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