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Obtaining Information

There is a radical change in which we are obtaining information today. The number of options of obtaining information has increased, but what is most interesting is that the number of ways in which we can harness this information has also increased by leaps and bounds.
Today there is so much we can do with the information we get and we can get it from so many places that our options have become almost endless.
But, to start with, we shall see about the differences in getting information. Here we talk of some ways of acquiring information that we can use in the contemporary sense.

Human Beings

The human being has always been an inquisitive species. It is because of this reason that we have managed to reach this stage of development and progress in our evolution. We have consistently made progress and we have always believed that Necessity is the mother of invention. It is on account of that that we have been able to see our shortcomings, we have been able to see what we are lacking in, and then have been able to develop the things that we need to enhance our existence.

This has been a continuous process throughout history. Humans have always been involved in the process of obtaining information and then harnessing it to improve their way of living. We did it 5,000 years ago, we are doing it now, and we will continue to do so 5,000 years down the line.

The onus of our evolutionary strides has always rested on our inquisitive mind… our need to find information, our tendency to observe, our penchant for questioning things that happen around us. This is what converted us from Homo neanderthalensis to Homo erectus, then from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens and from Homo sapiens to our current form Homo sapiens sapiens. It is our questing mind that has helped us throughout our evolution, and the questing mind hasn’t still been satiated. We are constantly seeking information now as well. We are always on a drive to find out more, whether it is about a new route to reach downtown or it is about how we can make a synthetic DNA molecule.

Inquisitiveness has been ingrained in us. We are born with it. The first reaction of a baby when they come in to the world is to look all around, take up everything that they can in those tiny staring eyes of theirs. The mind is processing information very fast at this rate, and as it processes more information, it is becoming sharper as well. It is amassing everything that it is exposed to. The baby’s mind understands what different things are, how they are useful, how they can be used, what they are called, what happens around them and so on. They build on experiences. No one can teach a baby everything that they want to learn. Parents and teachers have a streamlined process of transferring information to babies; but their basic education is through observing everything that happens around them. This would not have been possible if we were born with a questioning mind. It is this inquisitive mind that keeps telling us things.

And this process continues throughout our lives. There is not a moment in our lives where we do not learn, where we do not acquire information. Right now, you are getting informed as you are reading this. You get informed when you go to work. You get informed when you cook your daily meal, when you shop, when you watch a movie, when you play with the kids. Your information acquiring process does not even stop when you are simply walking down the road. Whether you know it or not, the information is coming into you and your brain is processing it… retaining what is most important to you and pushing back what you don’t need to remember to the deeper annals of its intricate structure.


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thinking big and growing rich in the digital age

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