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6 Interesting Ways to Make Money Online

Do you have a desire to work online? Then check out these 6 interesting ways you can use to make money online.

1 Create & Sell E-Books

You can write an e-book on any topic you want. If you have expertise in an area that’s often a good place to start. E-books sell for many different price points ranging from $25 to $200 or even more. Take the time to create a good e-book. Don’t over think it. Choose topics that can provide readers with knowledge like how to make Mason Jar meals. If you aren’t a writer and you want to sell an e-book you can always higher a freelance writer to ghostwrite the book for you.

2 Domain Selling

Basically you sell domain registrations for the big domain registration websites. Sites like TuCows make it easy for you to create your own private label domain registration. You are paid for the initial sale and for renewals.

3 Paid Focus Groups

Focus groups meet online in virtual rooms. Focus group studies are generally held in major cities. You will be part of a group that discusses and answers product/service questions. You’ll make between $60 to $200 for an hour to full day focus group study.

4 Begin a Podcast

This is the equivalent to video or voice blogging. Make sure you are talking about topics that are of interest so that you can draw in an audience. Once you have a good size audience following you, then you can make money off your podcast through ads. A great way to make some money.

5 Install Software/Apps

If you are good at installing software and apps, why not earn some money that way helping others install their software and apps. You can set it up as a help service and walk them through step by step or you can remotely do the installs for them.

6 Create a Blog

Blogging is very popular and continues to grow in popularity. In under 60 minutes you can create a blog. There are all kinds of free blogging platforms. Choose a niche you like to work in and then start blogging. You can make money off your blog by selling affiliates’ products, placing Ad sense ad, selling your own things, and selling space for advertising. It takes time for you to build a following so you will need to be patient in the early times.

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