Amazon Affiliate Program has become increasingly popular because of the income potential it offers. Let’s look at 5 tips for using Amazon Affiliate Program to get the best results from your blog.

1. Think About Who Your Audience Is
It’s a good idea to think about who your audience is – put yourself in your reader’s shoes ? what are they looking for when they surf your blog. If you look at things through your readers eyes you will do a much better job of targeting your traffic.

2. Personal Endorsement
Personal endorsement is an excellent tool for generating a high click through rate. You see just adding links randomly throughout your blog may not be enough to generate that click. What will generate that trust is trust, when a visitor returns day after day and builds an online relationship with you. In fact, if you want to destroy all your hard work, just recommend they buy something you don’t really believe in. If you want to increase your click through and your conversion, rates talk about the pros and cons of products. People like to hear the good and the bad so they can make their own decisions. If you do this, and then endorse products you believe in you will see a real change in your commission checks.

3. Link to Top Notch Products
Choose companies and products that are reputable to share links with. Nothing will send someone away from your blog never to return, than proving links to poor quality products.

4. Deep Links Work Best
Many think all they have to do is put a banner across the top and people will make their way to Amazon and you’ll make some money. Actually, that’s not true at all. What does work is placing deep links within your content. It is more work but it also pays more and that’s your goal.

5. Consider Link Placement
There are some hotspots on every page – left hand side bar, end of the post, or inside the content. Make sure that’s where you place your links to get the highest click through rate.

The days of any affiliate program making you money without some work are pretty much gone. But it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. These 5 tips are a great start to making your Amazon Affiliate Program work.


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