There are some essential things you need to have happen in order to convert your marketing campaign to sales funnel that’s optimized.

1 You need a product or service to sell

Before you can even start to think about constructing a sales funnel, you need a product or service to sell to your traffic. There are tons of items you can sell online including software, videos, membership programs, e-books, website design, etc. If you do not want to create your own product line then you can use an affiliate program such as Amazon or Clickbank.

2 Do your keyword research

In order to determine who your potential customer and what they are looking for. Keyword research helps you identify words and phrases that searchers are using. Google keyword tool is an excellent free tool to use. There are others that you have to pay to use. Once you know what the keywords or phrases are that your potential customers are searching for you can apply these keywords in your strategies.

3 Your sales funnel ñ front end and back end

The front door is the widest part of your sales funnel and its purpose is to attract a large base of potential prospects. This is your initial point of capture where you use a broad range of marketing strategies that will attract visitors who then will be guided down your sales funnel.

One way to do that is to offer gifts, cheap products, or bonus items ñ these are all attractive to potential consumers. Eventually some of those prospects will work their way even further down the sales funnel into even a narrower spot and eventually to the back end.

In these deep spots of your sales funnel there are more premium items being offered to prospects that have showed a need for your products/services. By now, your products are very targeted and it is highly likely that they will buy. Now you can use product launches, targeted email campaigns, etc. to engage with these individuals.

How to Fine Tune your Sales Funnel
By now, you should be recognizing the sales funnel as a marketing framework that represents all of the stages from lead to finished sale. Optimize your sales funnel might seem complicated and difficult, but it does not have to be ñ just build it as you go along.

Start by identifying all the ways that visitors might enter your funnel to establish your point of origin. Then list all the things your visitor can do on your site, then make sure you set up your page stats and have the ability to analyze them, and by then you will have the knowledge you need to determine if your sales funnel is working, the strong spots and the weak spots, and then adjust.

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