These days, there is a great deal of buzz over sales funnels and the valuable role they can play in closing a sale. But do you know how to build a sales funnel correctly? These days the term sales funnel tends to be overused but most people are aware of the sales funnel and its basic functionality. Learning the correct method to build a sales funnel is key to your business success.

Build a Sales Funnel

Today’s businesses struggle with generating adequate business into their sales funnel. It’s really about your company’s attitude. Many of the problems that arise in lead generation are the result of the way we think. There are many ways to get more referrals and lots of available information on this. So if this is one of your areas that you struggle, make sure to take advantage of the available information.

Let’s look at what you need to build a successful sales funnel.

Have an Attitude of Abundance
There are few industries where there is actually a shortage of prospects. Most industries actually have plenty of prospects. Where things fall apart is with the shortage in the sales funnel. So let’s say you have tons of prospects, then it’s time to develop a new attitude that sees your sales funnel as an important resource where those who are going to enter the sales funnel need to pass a simple test where

  • The prospect has a real problem that they wish to fix
  • The prospect understands the cost if they choose not to fix the problem
  • The prospect understands how much money it will cost to fix the problem

When you take this attitude, you will actually be rewarded with abundance.

Monitor Your Sales Funnel
Next, you actually have to monitor your sales funnel to see not only who makes it to your sales funnel but also who stays in your sales funnel. For each pursued prospect, a certain amount of time and energy is used. Since you have limited time and energy to spend on your sales funnel you will need to control those resources in the same way you would control inventory. Embed this attitude into your brain and before long, it will become the natural way of doing things. Before long, you will be doing things correctly every time you build your sales funnel.

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