If you want to be successful and sell the products, you have sale you will need to have an effective sales plan. There are 4 phases to building effective sales funnels, so let’s have a look at them.

1 Identify and Segment the Customer

If you want to have, an effective customer orientated sales strategy you will need to segment your customer into groups so that you can properly focus, because not all customers will be in the same segment. Each group will have different needs that you will need to meet. The more precise you can be in this identification process, the better you will be able to communicate about what it is you offer, and therefore close the sale, and make the profit.

2 Learn About Your CustomerĂ­s Needs and What it is They Prefer

As a business the more you know about your customers and what it is they prefer and need, the more you will be able to focus your sales strategy correctly. As a small business, you have a much better perspective of who your customer is and what they need, over a big business, which often loses focus on their customer. This is a good time to learn about your customers and what their perspective is on the products or services you have to offer. Learn what your customers value and what they know about your products. You should also learn how they prefer to communicate with your company so that you can build an effective sales strategy.

3 The Key is in Building Relationships

The focus is to take that one time customer interaction and turn it into a repeat interaction. To do this you need to build a relationship with your client. This requires you to invest time in your customer and to focus on each stage of the relationship you have with that customer so that it constantly points to future sales. It is far more costly to your business to have to acquire new customers than it is to build relationships with the existing ones and continue to sell to them.

4 Engage in Service Recovery

Even with your best efforts sometimes, a customer is not happy, and so you need to have a strategy in place to deal with that. Service recovery is very important because one upset customer will do far more damage than one happy will do good. In addition, if you can turn that customer around, many times, you will actually enjoy the benefits of long-term customer.

There you have it ñ 4 phases to building effective sales funnels. Why not put them to work today?

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