If yo’ve are just in the process of starting a newsletter, congratulations! Perhaps you are getting a few new subscribers each week but for the time it’s taking you to create your newsletter you really want to see subscription at least over a hundred and eventually much higher. How do you do this? You promote your email newsletter the same way you would promote your website or your blog.

You need to create:
* A call to action – Should express the frequency and the theme of the newsletter. Should say something like ?Sign up for our Weekly Newsletter Featuring Email Marketing.

* A landing page – Describe why a visitor should subscribe, the frequency of your newsletter, the content, testimonials from those already receiving the newsletter, even a screen shot of the newsletter.

* The form page – This should be short and include first name, last name, social media info, company, email address. The briefer the form the better. You might not even include the last name.

* A thank you page – This page should once again tell the subscriber when they would receive the newsletter, and how they should add the sending email address.

Promoting Your Newsletter

Promoting your newsletter can be a lot of fun. Let’s look at ways you can accomplish this.

#1 Blog
Be sure to have a call to action in the sidebar of your blog and at the end of some of the blog posts. A call to action with your email newsletter is at the top of the funnel call to action, which generally performs the best in blog content.

#2 Website Call to Action
You should have at least one call to action on every website page. In fact, it’s a lot better if you have can have two to three calls to action on each page.

#3 Emails that Nurture Leads
To promote your newsletter set up a lead nurturing email. It’s an excellent strategy because it will show how interesting s. Each time they receive your newsletter they will grow a little and possibly decide they would like to do business with you.

#4 Landing Page Form
On your landing page, add a field form asking if they would like to subscribe to the newsletter. It?s an easy way to grow your subscribers.

You should promote your newsletter every chance you get. Have your visitor fill out the form to subscribe and get on the list to receive the newsletter.

More Info: Email Marketing Ebook

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