• Use Google Keyword Tool to Increase Your Free Traffic
  • Increase Your Site Traffic With Ethical Link Building
  • Increase Your Free Traffic with Optimized Articles
  • Increase Your Free Traffic Using Your Blog
  • Increase Your Free Traffic Using SEO
  • Decrease Your Bounce Rate Increase Your Free Traffic
  • How Accurate Keywords Can Increase Your Free Site Traffic
  • Use Social Media to Increase Your Free Traffic
  • Grow Your Free Traffic by Addressing a Niche Market
  • Increase Your Traffic With Great Content
  • Make Use of Industry Experts to Increase Your Free Traffic
  • Post to Forums and Blogs to Increase Your Free Website Traffic
  • Proper Tags and Descriptions Can Increase Your Traffic
  • Increase Your Traffic by Creating Shareable Content
  • Use Good Web Design to Increase Your Traffic
  • Use Long Tail Keywords to Generate Free Traffic
  • Use Traffic Exchanges to Increase Your Free Site Traffic
  • Create a Social Site and Increase Your Free Traffic
  • Build a Community to Increase Your Free Traffic
  • Give Away Freebies and Increase Your Free Traffic 

The following is the transcript of one of the book’s chapters.

Increase Your Traffic With Great Content

When it comes to increasing organic search, content marketing through blogging or guest posts is the fastest way to build great traffic. However, content marketing is a quality game and not a quantity game. If you have horrible content, people won’t bother reading it or sharing it, which is basically the entire point of building a company blog. Therefore, when I write content, I constantly ask myself if I would take ten minutes out of my day to read it and if I’d share it with others. If you wouldn’t do either of those things, then you really need to look at your content strategy again.

Search engines are rewarding people and companies who are getting high-quality, consistent content. coming from them. Things such as author rank are going to have a big effect on organic search results.

Put a plan in place to not only create content to publish online, but also to be able to maximize the value of the content so that it is properly distributed across social channels and has a chance to go viral.

Write articles rich in content. Quality articles will get ranked better in search results. Make sure that your articles address the needs of your readers, and that they can find all of the information they need in one spot. This is the most effective means for increasing traffic to a website; offering people something that they cannot obtain elsewhere, or at least, not to the level of quality that you are offering it.

Whatever you do, don’t use content generators. While once a popular choice by a new web industry, today they are not considered useful. It is much better to put creativity to work. Content generated articles will be shunned by Google and other search engines and visitors will be disappointed with the content they find, which means they’ll leave your site. Good content will increase your visitors and that. will increase your traffic flow.

Never make the mistake of copying and pasting from another site. The search engines are too smart and will know that’s what you did. You will be penalized for it and that is going to result in a decrease in traffic.
Your content is key – What an easy way to increase your free traffic.

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