One of the biggest discussions among those running membership sites is how to grow your membership. These sites commonly lose members for a number of reasons including a lack of time to commit and an overall lack of interest.

How to Grow Your Membership Website

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Let’s look at how you can motivate your members to remain members on your membership site.

#1 Show your membership appreciation

When your members feel like you value them, they have a sense of belonging. There are lots of things you can do to show you appreciate your members, such as celebrating special occasions in their membersí lives such as their birthdays. These small gestures can make a big difference. You can also do things like thank your members for contributing and being members. Appreciating your members is really important.

#2 Make Your Membership Website Fun

The atmosphere on your website plays a key role in retaining your members and in attracting new members to your site. You need to offer things that are fun. Perhaps you can have competitions or you can share fun stories. What you do will depend on what type of membership site you offer. For example a membership site for those who love to fly kites might offer something different for fun than a membership site for selling the latest online marketing product.

#3 Offer Your Members Opportunities

Those that join membership sites are looking for opportunities. They want something for their money, whether thatís information, tools, support, or a number of other benefits. When you are creating your membership site make sure that it will offer adequate opportunities to keep your members there and bring new members on board.

4. Offer Incentives to Your Members

When you offer your members incentives they are much more likely to stick around. Members need to have more than one reason to stick around, and so when you combine incentives with other perks for your members they are much more likely to remain members. Those incentives can come in many forms. You can offer free months, free services, great contests, and more.

Membership websites have become quite popular but in order for your membership site to be successful you need to grow your membership and maintain your membership. Without your members you have no membership site. Your revenue will decrease if you can’t keep your site interesting you can’t keep your members signing in on a regular basis.

More Info: Advantage Of Membership Website eBook

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