If you are looking to build your income off affiliate marketing products, it’s important to know that some products work better with the sales funnel approach than others. What you will want to look for is affiliate products that have a lower failure rate and a higher commission. That’s the most important thing to look at before you decide on a product. However, it’s not the only thing you need to look at.

Do You Know What a Sales Funnel Product Is?

If you answered no, you aren’t alone. You may have heard the term a lot but not known what it meant. A sales funnel affiliate product has a single product at the front end and then a number of products at the back end.

When you affiliate market a product you create a landing page where the pre sale or pitch occurs. This is simply a place to prepare your visitor to be a potential customer later one. When the visitor moves from this landing page to the affiliate’s product page, this is the sales page. Sales that occur there are called front end sales.

Building a Relationship

Once the visitor becomes a customer on the sales page, other products are promoted for the customer to buy and this called the back end sales. So you send a visitor to the sales page as a potential customer to buy a single product, where in turn they become a paying customer, and then in addition that paying customer looks at other worthy products the affiliate has and may make an additional purchase. You are paid your commission on both the front-end sales and back end sales. Do you see how you funneled these visitors right to where you want them?

You should be offering a product that provides both a solid front end and a strong back end. You need both otherwise just the front-end sale alone just will not pay you type of commission you would like to earn. If you take your time, do your research, and learn what the various affiliates have to offer and then choose the one that fits your niche and pays the best commission.

You can build a highly successful sales channel using sales funnels. Your customers and potential customers come to trust you as an expert they can believe and rely on, and that will translate to good sales and healthy commissions.

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