Your marketing funnel conversion is a key part of turning prospects into paying customers, but sometimes you lose those prospects. So, how can you bring those lost prospects back into your sales funnel?

If you’ve done any marketing before, chances are you already have some ways to bring those lost prospect back. But have you considered using Facebook? To retarget using Facebook, all you need to do is place an ad. Retargeting is great! Retarget occurs when you display ads to prospective customers that have visited your website and not completed your squeeze page by opting in or who have visited your shopping cart but not completed. It is also excellent for your prospects that have visited a certain product page but did not buy. It will increase conversion rates on traffic that you have generated already, whether it is internal or external.

To retarget on Facebook is pretty easy. There are a few retargeting companies that offer you services where you can retarget on Facebook. Two very popular ones are Perfect Audience and Adroll. Consider retargeting whatever your front end product is as well as the front of the marketing funnel.

You have brought visitors to your site through numerous methods such as organic listings, affiliates, referrals, and media buys. If you don’t use retargeting, once that prospect comes to your site and leaves, they are lost forever. When you retarget you get to stay placed out in front of these prospects allowing you a second chance, third chance, and as many chances as you need to bring these prospects back to your site and to the top of your funnel again.

If you do this right, you will lower your cost per sale or cost per lead. In some channels, this can actually take a campaign that was negative and it into a breakeven campaign or even better. With this will also come new customer acquisition channels that your competition will not be able to achieve without the use of retargeting.

Retargeting offers a powerful tool and a unique way to have the opportunity to reconnect with prospects that you would have otherwise lost. Using this method you not only get one more chance, you can get several chances, and each time that means you have a new opportunity to make the sale. Using Facebook to accomplish this makes great sense.

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